The Leader Advancement Scholarship

The Leader Advancement Scholarship is the reason why I attend Central Michigan University. This scholarship is awarded each year to 40 students out of the 2,500 that typically apply who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and skills throughout their high school career. The award is given to students to those who dedicate their time volunteering and exemplify what a leader really is. The scholarship is $8,000 and it is given to the students who maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout each year and are required to enroll in the Leadership Minor classes in order to minor in Leadership. Each LAS Scholar is required to complete 30 community service hours, live in Barnes Hall their first year, get involved with an RSO (Registered Student Organization), attend many leadership conferences, and participate in leadership activities while bonding with each Cohort. Not only does the Leader Advancement Scholarship has many benefits to this program, it allows you to meet some of your closest friends that will always be with you throughout college.img_1432


(Here is a video of an inside look of the Leader Advancement Scholarship Program! CMU’s LAS Video)