Leadership Education

PSY100L Reflection

The Leader Advancement Scholarship requires the cohort to take a few classes the first semester such as LDR 100, COM 267L: Intro to Debate, and PSY100L: Intro to Psych. This class was to teach the fundamentals of psychology and how it can relate to leadership. We focused on how the brain develops, different leadership styles… Continue reading PSY100L Reflection

Leadership Education

Introduction to Debate: COM 267L

The Leader Advancement Scholar Cohort is required to take several classes each semester the first two years here at CMU. ¬†Introduction to Debate was my first time experiencing the logistics and skills on how to properly handle a debate. This class was definitely a way for myself to step outside my comfort zone. Public speaking… Continue reading Introduction to Debate: COM 267L

Leadership Training

Disconnect to Connect

The Central Connections Conference is a leadership conference held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan. The Leader Advancement Scholar Cohort and other student leaders around Central Michigan University's campus got to experience this. The two-day conference was not like your ordinary leadership conference. These two days were filled with numerous leadership sessions,… Continue reading Disconnect to Connect