Through my time in college, it has tested my skills and abilities on allowing my leadership shine through and be put to the test. I have learned many things about myself that need work on or that have I never realize I possess.

Note Taking: Surprisingly, this is one of my strongest skills that I have developed throughout my years of school. If you have ever looked inside one of my notebooks, you will hardly find any sloppy handwriting. I color code everything, and barely miss anything in my notes that I have to take down in that specific class. Being the class/executive board secretary from 6th-8th grade and from 10th-12th grade made me learn the skills on how to be neat and precise with my work.

Organization:  I believe everything should be neat and precise as well as being able to handle many tasks at one time. From being involved in sports, student organizations, becoming an executive board member, and making the honor roll every year requires a lot of organization.

Listening: I consider myself to be more an introvert. I am not the person with the powerful personality who can stand out in a room. Although this sometimes can be looked down upon in what a leader should be, I am an active listener. I enjoy motivating others by listening to what they have to say and by showing them that their opinion is valuable. Once people feel as if their opinion is heard, they gain self confidence. I feel that this is a strong attribute a leader should have.

Commitment: I believe that when you are given a task, you should do everything you can to complete that task no matter what obstacles it could bring. They should be 100% dedicated to their job and work to make sure it is the best it could possibly be.