Leadership Philosophy


“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing in the game.” This quote has followed me my whole entire life through my development as a leader. Leadership is considered something you are not born with and that it is developed from the way you learn from mistakes and challenges to grows as a person. Growing up, it was a constant struggle with fear in not facing the fact that stepping outside of my comfort zone can change my life or the way I could grow as a leader. I never saw myself as a leader until I started opening myself up to opportunities that I never would imagine I would be doing. I am not the loudest, but I do believe that leadership does not have to be only through motivation. Although leaders are thought to be as the projected, high energy people who know how to stick out in a large room, the way I see leadership does not have be through a powerful personality.

I consider myself to be a considerate leader. This means that I enjoy motivating others by listening to what they have to say by showing them that their opinion is valuable. Once people feel as if their opinion is heard they begin to gain self-confidence which can lead to great leaders in society; all they ever need is a stepping stone. The model I get this style from Mother Theresa who actively listened to others in order to help guide them on the way she saw best. She never used force, but instead concentrated on peaceful leadership and motivation. Leaders do not have to forcefully motivate others through projection. Seeing myself as this type of leader, I consider to be a great role model that does not explicitly tell people what to do but rather shows them by example. I am not one to be a loud and boisterous leader but nonetheless effective, because of the respect peers have for myself. This philosophy can be overlooked upon many who do not see that there are other ways a person can be a leader without the bold personality. Everyone has leadership potential inside of them, but different ways of expressing it.cropped-img_1698.jpg