Freshman Year at CMU

Central Michigan University Dance Team 

Ever since I was four years old, dance has been a major part of my life. I began at two dance studios growing up, and eventually made the Varsity Dance Team my freshman year of high school and continued the team the next four years. Dancing on a college dance team was my dream. The feeling of walking onto the football field, in my uniform cheering for a college team was the feeling I was craving. I tried out for the Dance Team around May 2016 of my Senior Year. It was very intimidating walking into a studio surrounded with 3o other girls who were way older than me and knew what they were doing. After interviews, learning the fight song, and a two minute fast paced routine performance in front of countless judges, I was so proud to say I am a member of the CMU Dance Team. This team has taught me to have the drive and passion to dance as a collegiate athlete as well as forming a bond with each one of your teammates. Commitment and responsibility has played a major part of being on this team by giving your 100% every single practice to earn the results that we are working for.

CMU Pre-Pa Club

I first learned about this club before school started from a current member  on the dance team who is a part of this club. I want to be pursue a degree in Kinesiology, Pre-PA in hopes to become a Physician Assistant. This club is very beneficial for anyone who wants to become a PA because of the helpful information and tips given from each meeting. There are also speakers and advisors from PA schools around Michigan who come in to talk about what schools are looking for in a PA school applicant. I am thankful this club exists because it is going to prepare me for my next steps in applying for my dream job.

Conference Alumni and Facilitator for Michigan Youth Leadership Organization

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was nominated with one other classmate our of my entire school to attend a three day conference at Michigan State University called MYLead. For those who may not know what MYLead is, it stands for Michigan Youth Leadership. It is a development program targeted only for sophomores in high school to learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and learning to build self confidence. I did not know what this conference was about or what I was getting myself into.I do not want to spoil much, but this conference was filled with initiatives, speakers, and a stupendous group of people. This organization is strictly all volunteer based. After attending this conference, it has made me want return back every year. After you attend MYLead, you can apply to return to the conference year as a facilitator or an intern for the sophomores. The 2014 conference I attended has made such a huge impact in my life. I live day by day to what I learned and experienced at MYLead and cannot wait to return again in June as a CA.

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