Here at Central Michigan University, I am majoring in Exercise Science: Kinesiology with a minor in Leadership as a part of the Leader Advancement Scholarship. I am also in the Pre-PA Program in hopes to becoming a Physician Assistant specializing in Dermatology or Pediatrics. What is a PA you might ask? A Physician Assistant practices medicine on teams with physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. They examine, diagnose, and treat patients specializing in almost any area of medicine.

I knew my whole entire life that I wanted to get a job in the medical field and it all started when my dad was diagnosed with Melanoma. Growing up, my mom and dad were basically at the hospital if they weren’t at home. My dad traveled across the country searching for any treatments he could get. I often would tag along with them on their trips to different hospitals and after I would get out of school everyday I would go visit my dad in the hospital. At such a young age, I was introduced with numerous doctors, nurses, surgeons, and PAs who worked with my dad. The Physician Assistant’s were the one’s my mom could easily talk to if they had any questions or were concerned with anything. The PA developed a relationship with my parents as if they did not feel like they were just talking some doctor who prescribes meds and calls it a day without actually showing care towards their patients. I am determined to become a Physician Assistant one day like the ones who cared for my dad when he was alive.


A stethoscope is lying with a book on the desk against books