Thank you, 2017.

Hello, I am back! I have been away from this blog for a while now, and I feel that I need to continue my blogging throughout the rest of these semesters. Well, wow. 2017 was an absolute rollercoaster, I am not even sure where to even begin. I can still recall this exact time last… Continue reading Thank you, 2017.

Leadership Development

What a Mentor Should Be

Since I will no longer be continuing my education at Central Michigan University next fall, I won't have the chance to ever have a mentee. Although I am quite bummed that I will missing out on this opportunity, I am glad I learned what it takes to be a great mentor. When I graduated high… Continue reading What a Mentor Should Be


Life as a Member of The CMU Dance Team

Growing up, I was an ambitious child who wanted to find what her passion was at a very young age. I was constantly active, always outside being adventurous and trying out some sports from soccer, softball, ice skating, to basketball. I actually played softball and basketball for four years and was the point guard for… Continue reading Life as a Member of The CMU Dance Team