Who Am I?

Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Megan Elizabeth Bird and I am a student at Central Michigan University majoring in Kinesiology in the Pre-PA program as well as minoring in Leadership. I am apart of the Leader Advancement Scholarship Cohort, a team member of the CMU Dance Team, and an active member of Special Olympics and Pre-PA Club.


Before graduating high school, I was involved in almost every leadership club or after school activity I could get my hands on. I was the Executive Board Secretary for Student Government, a Smart Moves Mentor for elementary school students teaching them the dangers of drug use, in charge of the Relay for Life team for Student Government, an active student council member as well as being elected class Secretary for two years, a facilitator for the Michigan Youth Leadership Conference held at Michigan State for sophomores, and on top of all of my volunteering and involvement, I danced my entire life at Raedene’s Dancin’ Stars and Suzettes Masters of Dance and made the Varsity Dance Team all four years at my high school.


Growing up, if you told me I would be that involved with all of those extra circular activities, I would of thought you were crazy. I was the shyest little girl anyone has ever met. When someone tried to approach me to say hello or to try and hug me, I would run and hide either in my room or behind the legs of my mom or dad if we were in public pretending like they didn’t see me. I was so afraid of talking that my parents had to bribe me to come out of my room when we had company over. Until the age of four, my parents decided it was best for me to try out a sport to see if my shyness would eventually fade. During this time in my life, my father was diagnosed with Melanoma, a very vigorous type of skin cancer.  I didn’t fully understand what was happening at that time or what was about to happen to my life that would change it forever.

img_1174I am so blessed to have such a supportive family and boyfriend who motivate me every single day to do the best I could possibly be. Although my father passed away in April 2010, I will always strive to be a better person everyday because of him and I want to make him proud since I know he always watches over me.