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A Year in Review: Hello to Goodbye

How is it already the end of the year?! In a blink of an eye, I’m already taking down my loft as room 111 is looking more bare by the day, and I’m preparing for my final exams here at CMU. I never really believed anyone when they said that college flies by faster than Senior Year of high school did until now.

When I arrived to Central, on move in day I can admit I was a mess. I was not ready for my life to change and forced to adjust to a completely new environment. The first few weeks for me were filled with lots of tears, but tons of opportunities to meet new people and get to know my cohort. First semester was tough, but I was thankful to have great roommates who helped me feel so comfortable here. I felt like I was constantly stepping out of my comfort zone in this world of college. I realized the I always needed to give everything that extra push in order to do my best academically. I was able to join a few clubs, and I was super involved in dance and Special Olympics. My classes were difficult and I know I did not do my best but I knew I would do much better second semester since I would be familiar with the way everything works.

As second semester came around, I had to make some difficult decisions. I can’t lie and say I loved it here because I really didn’t. I thought Central would become my home and I could see myself staying here for the next 6 years (plus grad school). I realized that I didn’t feel like myself here, and didn’t get that awesome college experience every says if you go away. I cried myself to sleep endless nights, when I was alone all I wanted to do is drive home and not come back. But I realized that not everything at CMU is bad, but I want to do what is best for myself and for my family. My family is everything, and they have been my rock this past year.

I will transferring to Wayne State University in the Fall 2017. I will be majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration of Sport and Exercise Science. I gratefully was given opportunity to work at Royal Oak Beaumont in the Radiology Department. I am very excited to start this next chapter of my life, because I believe that everyone should follow their passions and everything truly happens for a reason.

wsuAlthough making this decision of transferring is for the best, I am truly going to miss few of the friendships I have made during this year. Especially my roommate Vanessa, and Sarah who is a member of the Dance Team are the two girls I call my best friends. I have been blessed with being apart of the Leadership Institute and LAS. I have learned so much about myself as a leader through the workshops and conference I have attended.

In LDR 200L, we were assigned to a specific Leadership Theory. The one I believe I could relate to most is my very own, Servant Leadership. My main goal as a leader is through service, that serving from the heart and seeing the impact on people’s lives is the best reward you can possibly get. Servant leaders put their followers first, and serve through the kind of their heart. A major strength of servant leadership is that it can be applied through any organization or to anyone.

Though my time at Central Michigan is coming to an end, I just would like to thank Vanessa Chambe, Sarah Kennedy, Hannah Dell, and everyone in the LI who always believed in me and were always being there. I couldn’t of survived this year without them and I am truly going to miss everyone and can’t wait to come visit!

Goodbye CMU….Hello WSU!

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