Leadership Education

LDR 200L Reflection

Introduction to Leadership 200 is a class required for our Leader Advancement Scholar cohort to take together as a class. This class was a stepping stone from 100L where that previous class was to get us adjusted to college and introduce what we will be doing in 200. This class at first was going to be interesting since it was a three-hour class and I have never been enrolled in a three hour class just for Leadership. LDR200L was a class that I gained so much knowledge about the foundation of Leadership. The experiences I had with this class was more hands on than other class I have taken.

Required for this class is keeping up with our blogs, writing a paper in what we believe is our own Leadership Philosophy, numerous workshops to better our leadership skills, and most importantly learning about the different theories of Leadership. Everyone was assigned a certain theory and we had to create a hands- on workshop in order for our classmates to fully understand what the theory was about. Overall, this class was very beneficial in improving my leadership skills. I had to step outside of my comfort zone through the many challenges with this class and I am so glad this has given me many opportunities to grow as a person and a leader. 16602419_10154481667184075_3891490247596127963_o


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