Leadership Education

HST110L Reflection

As part of our protocol required for LAS, we had to take HST110L, The American Experience. I was a bit anxious to take this class since it also counted as a Writing Intensive. History has always been one of my strongest subject, but this class definitely challenged that aspect of it. This point in the semester was the hardest for me to keep up with this class especially constantly being confused with the grades I received because I felt that I did my very best on every assignment I completed that I believed were very unfair. This class was unlike any other history class that I have taken throughout my years of education. Although my professor was passionate about the subject and very knowledgable when asked her questions, I believe her grading system was unfair and confusing. A lot of the assignments I had to interpret myself since there was never any clear directions and I guess that is where I believe my grades somewhat suffered. Although this course was challenging, I learned a lot of American History that I was never taught in High School that I will forever remember that there are many unsung heroes and leaders that we may have never realized changed our world for the better.america.jpg


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