Leadership Education

Start with “Why?”

In our LDR 200L class, we recently watched a TED Talk by Simon Sinek called How Great Leaders Inspire Action. This video explained how a leader should inspire action to others and that it isn’t what you are selling to people or having an exact plan, it is having the dream in order to accomplish those goals for your plan. Everything you do should fall back on your Why Statement. Simon created a concept called “The Golden Circle.” This is a diagram that is a giant circle with “Why How and “What” written in each circle. This displays what we must do in everyday life to make decisions in thinking from the inside of the circle to the outside. He begins to explain that most people start from the outside circle in what they are doing, how they doing it, but are missing the why in the reason they are doing it. He challenges the audience to start living with a dream, and not with a plan. Also, to start from the inside of the circle to work your way outside. Find what your why is by starting with what your purpose is in order to fulfill those actions of your how and what. the-golden-circle-e1391717108503

After discussing the TED Talk, we were asked to discover our own “WHY?”. I never realized that I have used the Golden Circle concept throughout my entire life. I discovered my why statement to be “Inspire others to achieve greatness, and to find the courage to step out of their comfort zone.” I believe that every person has potential in themselves, but need that spark  or dream to create what they were never capable of achieving. I should always ask my self why I am doing and to work hard in my purpose of what I am doing.  This concept should be incorporated  into everyday life as a leader or any individual who struggles in finding their purpose in lie.

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