Leadership Development

Leadership starts with NO!

Leadership to me, has been quite difficult to define what it actually means. If you search what Leadership is on the internet, the definition that first pops up is “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” Leadership is defined and c. Everyone has leadership potential in them and can display it in many different ways.

So, Does Leadership come from a “Yes” or “No”?

No. yesnotarot

I do not believe that Leadership comes from a yes. Anyone can say yes, followers tend to go with the flow and will say yes to anything in order for it to not be a challenge for them. Being a follower isn’t a bad thing sometimes, but a leader truly influences others to be their best and motivates them to do more than they ever thought possible. Saying yes could lead you to do the worst thing possible for yourself, like following what everyone else is doing and sticking to the status quo. When your surrounded by negative people that are not good influences, a leader should say “No, this is not who I am and want to follow what everyone else is doing.” Personally, when I was in high school I had a group of friends who were bad influences to me and I became a person I wasn’t. I said no more to this and that I am better person that is capable of anything. Leadership leads to improvement every day for yourself as a person. Saying no can grow a person into someone they never thought they were capable to become.


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