Current Leader Reflection

When we think of leaders, famous people aren’t usually the first type of leaders that pop into your mind. A leader creates the vision of the future who motivates and inspires others to engage with the vision. When I was a child, everyday after I got home from school I always walked into my mom watching a Television Show called The Ellen Show. Every time I would go into my room when I got home, something always drew me into the living room to the television to watch the Ellen Show with my mom. Ellen Degeneres began as a Comedian who eventually started her own talk show. Ellen is not the first person who you think of as a leader, but she is someone who expresses leadership unlike any other.


Ellen is basically known as the modern day saint. Although she is known as one of the most popular talk show hosts, she is an advocate for helping others and lending a hand. She supports numerous charities and foundations including the LGBTQ rights. Every show I watched of her, she at least donated money or changed someone’s life through her dedication and passion of giving back to her viewers. She not only rewards on screen, but as well as off screen. She displays her leadership through humor and kindness by brightening everyone’s mood. Every show, Ellen always knows how to make her audience laugh. She brings so much joy and positivity to her show that I admire because  I can never not have a smile on my face when I’m watching her show. She recently was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016 due to her generosity of her contributions to the world in bettering the lives around her.  Ellen is a person I aspire to be because she teaches her audiences to be kind to others, stay positive, and having confidence is the key to success in life. I want to work on giving back to others while keeping a positive attitude no matter how hard life’s struggles could get.


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