Leadership Education

PSY100L Reflection

The Leader Advancement Scholarship requires the cohort to take a few classes the first semester such as LDR 100, COM 267L: Intro to Debate, and PSY100L: Intro to Psych. This class was to teach the fundamentals of psychology and how it can relate to leadership. We focused on how the brain develops, different leadership styles with behaviors, and how to deal with different types of people effectively. Every week, we were assigned to do flashcards online though the system MindTap, as well as complete chapter activities. The workload was not too bad, unless you waited until the very last minute to do so.

I really liked that the professor posted his power points online, so if I had to miss class or was out sick, I could still be caught up in the lessons. This also was a weakness for majority of the class. Attendance was not mandatory; I think the only times we ever had a full class was when it was our exam day. The exams were not easy and you needed to plan your time accordingly to study instead of waiting until the night before to do so. Along with usually 40 multiple choice questions, he gave us an essay at the end of every exam that relates to our chapters we learned tying it in with Leadership. Overall, I thought this was a great way for myself to think about ways I could tie in leadership skills with the knowledge I learned in Psychology. Overall, I enjoyed this class and I have learned how to relate different leadership styles in working with groups or individuals.


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