Leadership Development · Leadership Training

Mentor/Mentee Retreat

Each year, The Leader Advancement Scholar Cohorts take a weekend trip to Eagle Village in Hersey, MI for a weekend dedicated for all of us to get to know each other with our Mentors that will be a part of me throughout college. What is so great about the Leader Advancement Scholarship Program is that every incoming freshman gets paired up with a “Mentor” who is in the sophomore class above us. Not only was I able to become closer with my Mentor Gunther, I was able to get to know everyone in LAS that I did not know so well. I felt more comfortable opening up to everyone and felt bonded with my cohort that I could talk to anyone if I needed to. I am usually the type of person who keeps to themselves and coming into this was a little intimidating since many people in our group are very outgoing. I really did not know what to expect before arriving to Eagle Village. Throughout the retreat, we went through a variety of different physical team building exercises, and leadership activities that made us all work together as a team while learning about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Roommates of Barnes 111!

The obstacle challenges were the most intimidating to me because this was when we had to gain trust from each other and build partnerships with the ones around us to complete our task under pressure or faced with activities that seemed nearly impossible to take on. After Eagle Village, I felt more at home at Central Michigan University. I did not feel as lonely as I did in the beginning of the year, and the homesickness started to fade away. It gave me a sense of belonging, that I am here for a reason with the people I feel closer to now and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my college experience here with the Leader Advancement Scholar Cohort.

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