Leadership Training

Leadership Through the Eyes of Disney

The Central Connections Conference presented numerous leadership sessions that student leaders were able to choose four out of the 17 presentations to attend. The first two sessions I attended were called Happy HourBranching out your Free Time: Netflix and No Chill, and Understanding your Roots: Acknowledging the Strength Within. Although these two sessions were very beneficial for myself, the last session I attend was unlike any leadership workshop I have experienced. Leadership Through the Eyes of Disney, definitely caught my attention the minute I found this session in the booklet since I am in love with anything Disney. This was a chance for student leaders to reflect on our favorite Disney stories with their timeless connection of their roles in leadership. They started off this session with passing out a packet to write down and discover our true values while playing our favorite disney jams in the background.img_1407

We had to first list our top five favorite Disney Characters and identify their leadership characteristics. We then had to identify one out of the five that we could connect with the most. I chose Rapunzel because she had to warm up to her surroundings to build her confidence with her big dreams and she stands up for what she believes in. I felt that this was me during my first few weeks here at CMU. The new few pages started to get more in depth of what really our core values were and what barriers we would face and overcome if we were living a life congruent to our top values. At the end, we had to choose a Disney phrase or song that we would live by. I chose the class Toy Story, “You Got a Friend in Me” because I want to leave a legacy that I was always there for someone no matter what and that I was someone who anyone can go to for help or made an impact in someone’s life. Overall, this was by far my favorite Leadership Session I have ever had the chance to experience. screen-shot-2014-09-07-at-12-19-35-pm

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