Leadership Training

Disconnect to Connect

The Central Connections Conference is a leadership conference held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan. The Leader Advancement Scholar Cohort and other student leaders around Central Michigan University’s campus got to experience this. The two-day conference was not like your ordinary leadership conference. These two days were filled with numerous leadership sessions, getting the chance to meet and connect with student leaders, and to simply learn how to branch out to discover new ways to better yourself as a leader. This conference was a way for all of us to have fun and to disconnect from the stress from school for the weekend.

Roommates of Barnes 111!

As we arrived to the Conference on Friday, we were introduced to the Leadership Institute Staff following ice breakers to get to know each other then broke out into institute sessions. During the conference, we were able to choose three leadership sessions to attend. These sessions were leadership presentations on ways to improve yourself or in an organization. I really enjoyed that these presentations were made in relation to yourself with fun twists and topics. It was really neat to learn new leadership skills with other student leaders like me in a presentation involving Disney or the phrase “Netflix and no chill.” We also got to experience the activity of “Speed Connecting.” It was similar to the way speed dating works, but you got to meet new people learning about what their purpose was and how they aspire to be the leader they are.  This conference was a great way for leaders to step outside their comfort zone and improve their ways of  becoming a better leader.

I really did not know what I was getting myself into before this conference. This conference was unlike any other leadership conference I have ever attended. I took more out of it in the two-day span than I usually would from a week long conference. One lesson that I took from the session “Happy Hour”, is I learned that you should the build the happiness of someone, to make yourself happy and use love languages. Overall, I absolutely recommend the Central Connections Conference to anyone who is interested in attending a fun, exciting leadership conference. I believe that every key aspect I learned from this conference will be put forth into my career and future here at Central Michigan University.

Spending our free at the Water Park in the hot tub!



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